Identifying problems at the intersection of Logan Boulevard and Western Avenue


The intersection of Logan Boulevard and Western Avenue is full of safety issues. We’ve identified a number of these issues below, and will be proposing solutions in a follow-up post.



Logan Boulevard’s beautiful tree-lined landscape changes to a dark, curvy, pothole ridden, gauntlet of transportation issues as you approach its intersection with Western Avenue. All modes of travel are affected as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists must successfully navigate many obstacles to reach their destination.

There are a lot of reasons to head east from Logan Square via Logan Boulevard.

  • There’s a Target waiting for you on the other side of the highway.
  • XSport fitness is just a block past the Western intersection.
  • There’s a skate park directly underneath the highway.
  • There’s a large movie theater adjacent to the intersection.
  • It’s a direct line to Diversey River Bowl!
  • There’s a Divvy Station at Logan/Elston.
  • One of Logan Square’s best grocery stores is accessible via Logan Boulevard.
  • It’s a direct route to the highway.
  • Potbelly is located nearby. Have you had one of their milkshakes lately? They’re divine.

And there are many safety issues at the intersection of Logan and Western.

  • The road curves abruptly, causing motorists to steer back and forth 4 times in a short distance.
  • Potholes and poor road patches cause motorists and bicyclists to veer dangerously into the neighboring lane.
  • Large highway and Metra underpasses cause disorientation while a driver’s eyes adjust to changing light conditions.
  • The sidewalks and crosswalks on the South side of Logan feel unsafe while under the highway, and disappear at multiple instances resulting in a broken connection to destinations like Target.
  • Logan Boulevard’s left turn lights are very short, allowing 4 cars at most to make the light. This leads to cars running the red turn light. (Especially those heading south on Western and to the highway on-ramp.)
  • Cars are often parked in the bike lane, which causes them to overhang into the driving lane. This results in cyclists veering into the driving lane, and motorists swerving into the driving lane.

We also created an interactive map that calls out these points in more detail. Take a look and let us know your thoughts on this intersection’s many troubles.



4 Comments on “Identifying problems at the intersection of Logan Boulevard and Western Avenue”

  1. David L. Morin says:

    One of the biggest problems: speeding by maniac drivers! They run the lights, drive 40-50 mph, double left turns, block the intersection, and blow the red light at the off ramp from the Kennedy to go north when the light at Logan is green to go north on Western! The intersection is a mess and very dangerous. Install red light cameras and because of the skate board park speed cameras. The cameras should be installed on Logan and Western.

  2. I’ve only recently started taking this route to work in the mornings because my daughter goes to a school near here, and I was stunned with the conditions on this stretch of Logan. Thanks for enumerating the many problems that exist here. This state of Logan here is especially unfortunate because it connects the boulevards of Logan Square with Elston Avenue, which is a major bike route to downtown. I recently took some photos to document the conditions listed in this article. You can see them at

  3. Jerry Morrow says:

    Hello, I believe this is one of the top problem intersections in this area. It’s a major East-West bike path since Fullerton is NOT for bicycles, and its very difficult to get up North to Diversey.

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